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September '20 Feels

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

The month of September has always been very special to me. I've grown to love the autumn season and September is the start of this colourful time of the year. Last year, my September was all about moving back home, learning to adapt to what I thought then was the new normal (little did I know...), started a new job and spent many many days, re-discovering my beautiful hometown and its wonders. If you're interested, I recommend you reading my 'Lost in Sofia' post.

This September is quite different, it's been an absolute roller coaster of a year, and not just for me but globally. Still one of the main differences is that in 2020 I'm meeting the autumn season in the very hot and humid South-east Asia. Needless to say, Malaysia does not give me the desire to curl up with a book and blanket, but I'm trying to bring my own little autumnal rituals, adapting slightly to my current state-physical and mental. 

September for me started with the start of the school year (this time, I'm the lecturer and not the student) and slowly returning to the office after months and months of working from home. The weather seems to be more humid than ever and I've been eating pumpkins on a daily basis (not sure why, really). Read a few books (not curled up with a blanket, but blasting the aircon instead) and completed some small DIY home projects. I gave in to the melancholic mood and that's why decided to express it in a little collage of images, I have been saving to my Pinterest boards for the last 30 days. You should be able to see my fascination with how the light is changing during this time of the year, plus pick a warm and cosy colour palette.


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