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New Year-New Me 2019

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Oh hello there! It's that time of the year again. It won't come as a surprise when I say "I absolutely can't believe how time is flying", because I am sure you are asking yourself the same thing. And since it is the end of yet another year, it is time for expressing some feelings, spreading some joy and sharing some resolutions.

Let's get right into it! First things first, it is extremely important to emphasise on the fact that 2018 was a roller coaster for me and changed my life in more than one way. 365 days of new beginnings, new challenges and a few adventures. And I am so so thankful for every and each one of them. I learned a lot of lessons, I started learning other lessons, which I am sure I will keep working on in the new year. I met a lot of new people and established new connections, I did open up to people, and learned from this experience as well. And before I bore you, one last thing, I once again realised that I am surrounded by most definitely the best people there are and I can't be happier about this! I love them all and I am thankful that coming and going, they form part of my life.

Today i wanted to remember what I have been through the year and share some of the highlights and special moments that warmed my heart the most. I will also review how far I've gone through my last year's resolutions and put down a few more. One way or another these lists do encourage me and challenge me to push forward and review my own life and choices I make...

In January I moved back to England. I remember the anxiety, the stress, the fear, and at the same time the excitement for everything new to come. My dear friend Kami and I flew to Birmingham, travelled to Oxford, spent 5 days in Abington, and finally on the 1st of February we moved to our new home in the mad city of London.

In February I started my first official interior design job. It was scary, I had no idea what was happening, I realised how different real life is from uni and went straight into the wild and muddy world of design and construction. It was magical, I loved it immediately! I also started properly exploring London and all its wonders!

In April, I travelled to Milan, for the first time in my life, for Milan Design Week 2018. A crazy 5 days of events, exhibitions, meetings, talks, walking, exploring, eating,... and more eating (gelato). Italy was magical-colourful, joyful, vibrant, easy and relaxed!

In May, my mum came to visit, and for the first time stayed in London for more than a week. I loved exploring the city with her and showing her and sharing with her all the magic this city has to offer.

Firts of June and I was off to France to probably the most beautiful wedding I have been to, and the sweetest couple, and the most welcoming family and their little puppy Vanino. I am happy I secured the best birthday party for my brother and spent an amazing holiday away from England with one of my dearest friends-Vickie.

In July comes adventure number three, and a short trip to Belgium. Early in the morning we got on a train from St. Pancras to Lyon. And then drove to Ghent. I met some people that reminded me once again, what design is all about. They showed their passion, their love and desire to create something that will last. It was inspirational! And I am so so glad I chose the right side of the coin... (I won this trip over a coin throw!) And another very important highlight, I met with my cousin Marina for the first time in my life.

In August I visited Bristol for the first time, met another very inspirational couple. In September I travelled back home for much needed rest from work. Straight from the airport my family and I were off to a little town in Bulgaria, called Samokov, we had an amazing lunch at a truly authentic Bulgarian 'krachma' (something like a tavern) and were off for a hike in the mountains. I met some more interesting people, who I will probably remember for the rest of my life. On the next day we visited a hidden in the mountains monastery and had another very 'real' lunch, with some very 'real' and down to earth people.

I flew back to London, and in October I travelled to Bedford for another weekend away of the big city. Met with another very dear friend Roni and heard some funny stories about the police (may be I shouldn't be sharing this...).

November was very busy with work, but in the end of it, I flew to Barcelona after four veeery long years. I've missed the city so much, it was my happy place and it still is! I remembered everything, even the strange street art on some of the buildings, I was passing by, while strolling around the city. Went to a football game, charged myself and was back to London in December.

December was special, it is, year after year, that never changes. My absolute favourite time of the year and my birthday as well! I explored London and all its Christmas magic. And I travelled back home once again. And once again I am writing my 'end of the year special' in the same room, on the same chair, same table, same table cloth (we change the table cloth, throughout the year, i promise). A year full of wonders! There were a lot of tough moments too, but how would we appreciate the good times if there weren't bad times? In the new year I am going thankful and hopeful and ready for more!

Looking back at my resolutions list from last year I failed 50%, but hey, I did try!

This year I aim to:

  • Once again-learn to be more organised, plan better and prioritise correctly. Plus I would like to keep my own bullet journal, let's see how that goes, may be I will share it with you in the end of the year... there are a lot of inspirational videos on Youtube about these and I am all for it!

  • Be mindful! And learn to relax. This one I failed tragically... However from this year my health will be put first and I would like to start sharing with you here my journey towards mindfulness as well as discuss experiences with you!

  • Be healthy, drink water (I forgot about this one, this year), breathe and stretch, plus the usual exercise and stay away from sweets...

  • Post regularly here. This one I almost failed. I would like to find more time for this blog and share more inspirational interiors, more places that I visit and more personal thoughts and comments. Perhaps I can do a monthly review? Plus more Youtube videos!

  • Learn a new skill. This one is a must-I will try the journalling thing, it's quite artistic and does require a skill. Oh and learn more about coffee, I would love to do a barista short course of some sort, any suggestions?

  • Read more books, cook more and really learn to enjoy the process, instead of forcing myself.

  • Travel just as much! Last year I aimed for Barcelona and it did happen. This year I woul love to see Central Europe, will see! (Vickie, when are you back in Czech republic?)

I have three bonus resolutions too, which might be harder than anything written above, but I promise I will try!

  • Start saying 'Bless you!' to strangers when they sneeze in public spaces.

  • Stop and read through the tube announcement boards. My station aways has nice sayings, poems, quotes and drawings, and I would like to photograph them and record them somehow...

  • Write in Bulgarian! This one probably sounds strange, and you might ask, why would this be difficult, since Bulgarian is my mother's tongue? Well I have lost my expression in writing in Bulgarian and it takes me really long time to form proper good and easy to read texts and I do feel terribly ashamed of this. So yes, I will make sure I start writing more in Bulgarian!

Well this is it! Happy New 2019! I hope it is good, peaceful and full of love! 🍾✨❤️


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