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New year, New Me 2018

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

It's 2018 already!!!! Can you believe it?! I personally can't. Sometimes I feel time flies faster and faster with every single day. Who knows, may be it does. 2017 passed by so quickly, I am shocked, at the same time though, looking back at the past months, I realise so much has happened. And while the year might not have been overflowing from significant events, I did achieve some things, I've created some beautiful friendships and tightened others, I passed my Masters in Interior Design with flying colours ( I still accept your congrats, by the way) and was able to travel to destinations I've only dreamed of, like Moscow, for example. I managed to explore a bit more of England and discovered some great places, which brought my faith and love for this lovely country, back.

Normally I am not much of the sharing type of person, but hey, New Year, New me!(remember?) Also I set this blog a year ago and quite frankly I gave up on it, I was busy with both studies and work and even when I had the urge and inspiration to write and share, I chose to be lazy and sleep, or watch movies, or eat, or sleep again... Therefore it is time to try again. I am starting from zero, hopeful for many inspirational and occasionally a little quirky posts. I thought to make a quick review of 2017 and finish by sharing some of my (oh, I so hate this phrase) New Years' Resolutions. By doing so, I am insuring my own goals, because once shared..., this is it I can't escape, I will have to complete them, or at least try. (or... I could easily delete all of this, close down all my social media, change my identity, leave the country, fly to a dessert island...) Resolution number 1 stop being so dramatic!!!

Let's get down to business now! 2017 got me excited for the first time in January, when I visited Glasgow for a weekend. It was my first time in Scotland and I won't lie my expectations were set high. I've heard only lovely things about the place, and it did't disappoint. It was cold and gloomy, but beautiful. Tall buildings, tall ceilings, cute coffee places, beautiful little shops and enchanting bookstores. I've had Unicorn beer in one of the coolest breweries.

Next stop was Stockholm, which I visited for Stockholm Design Week. Stockholm Design week is the biggest design event in the whole of Scandinavia, and oh boy! I got the chance to attended lectures by one of the most influential designers in the industry, I explored the magnificent Stockholm, I've had a real 'kanelbullar' (I am sorry IKEA, I love you, but your cinnamon buns aint that special). And finally I met with my beautiful friend, which was so nice to shelter me and show me the city as she knows it. Oh, and of course I uploaded my first 'serious attempt' to vlog.

Another highlight of the year was my Final Major Project submission, which will forever stay as one of the most frightening and at the same time joyful experiences in my life. And I am so very thankful to all the people that helped me, to my lecturers that believed in me and to all the rest that had to deal with my emotional breakdowns and still kept their patience with me.

A short weekend in Amsterdam comes next on the list. It was the YOLO kind of trip. Turned out to be a super fun experience with some of my closest and loveliest human beings. Lack of sleep, countless hours, squeezed in a car, a lot of sugar and fries, music and a broken GPS (plus I walked through a fountain, I still feel bad about my camera...). As I said, YOLO and FUN!

Next stop MOSCOW! Moscow was a dream, Moscow was a fairy tale, Moscow felt like being in another Universe, so different, so unbelievable, yet so close to me, so dear. I've met my relatives, my cousins and even my niece and I spent an amazing two weeks with my mum! I practised my broken Russian, I failed... but at least I tried! (always stay positive, even about your failures!) If I could, I would have stayed longer.

And finally some 2018 resolutions and goals. I am not good at making to do lists and plans, so after the number one resolution, that I've mentioned above...

  • Be more organised and learn to plan daily, set goals and write down everything important (age does not forgive anyone).

  • Be mindful! And learn to relax.

  • Get out of the comfort zone, meet with people, socialise more, reach out to people with similar interests and engage with them, create and collaborate.

  • Post regularly on the blog. Seek and share.

  • Learn a new skill and improve another one. At the minute I am very interested in hand lettering and calligraphy (if anyone wants to get me a new set of markers, you're very welcome to.) Also I want to keep improving my Photography.

  • Read more books!!! I have a pile of books, that I haven't touched yet and my Amazon shopping list keeps growing and growing.

  • Travel! Visit new places and may be go back to Barcelona.

  • Be healthy, drink water, exercise. I feel this one is the most trivial one, but we do need to take care of our 'shell', without getting into extremes, it's all about the balance. Plus I want to be able to do a head stand by the end of the year!

This is it. If you've stayed till the end of this post with me, Thank You so much, you wonderful thing! Keep your fingers crossed for me and let's all make this year as magical as it can be! Happy 2018!!!


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