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Mood-Autumn Vibes Playlist

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

I am not sure why or how, but October is quickly becoming a favourite month of mine. I do love autumn, but never before was I so excited about it than this year. It might be because of the beautiful weather that the UK has blessed us with; it might be because of no school, for the first time in forever; it might be because I live in probably the most autumn picturesque city in the world; it might be all of these combined. I hope you do enjoy the season as much as me. And since October is almost over and I can almost hear the crisp November rain approaching from outside the window, here are some tunes to warm up and up-bring your souls. Have a 'hyggelig' weekend everyone! Light up some candles, make yourself a cup of tea, cover yourself with blankets and embrace the here and now! Speak to you very soon!

Image Source: Pinterest


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