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London Favour-Eats Radio Alice Pizzeria Hoxton

It seems like not exactly the right time for me to be talking about pizza (as I am currently on a specific gluten free dairy free diet)... but perhaps that is the main reason why I want to talk to you about pizza! You see, I love pizza, so you do I'm sure, therefore talking about it makes me feel almost as excited as eating it, so I guess this is my coping mechanism on full-on mode (probably a little bit masochistic..., but hey I am doing it all for you!) That is why I will put all my love for the deliciously chewy, bready goodness and try to convince you to try Radio Alice Pizzeria if you haven't yet tried it.

Today we are talking London favour-eats. Radio Alice and specifically their Hoxton restaurant has to be one of my top three pizza venues in the city (and London being London, has a lot of the Italian classic, as you probably guessed it), so trust me when I tell you, this place is goood!

Why specifically Radio Alice? Well... just look at the space, and then look at the pizza, and then back at the space. As the owners say:

Our mission: make delicious pizza, served with care, in beautiful spaces.

Indeed they have done an excellent job and both interior and food look welcoming and delicious. Perhaps a little bit on the 'different' side from your favourite classic, Radio Alice does not allow any alternations to their dishes, 'as it may spoil the balance of flavours'. That, however, is absolutely fine (at least by me-someone who appreciates what is being served and ready to try and have a truly authentic experience). For some a rather puritanical ethos, for others a bold and uncompromised statement, leading to a win or lose situation.

For me, a clever strategy to filter the 'crowd' of pizza aficionados and only serve the best to the ones really willing to try a good pizza and share a cosy moment with their friends and families in the pretty atmosphere, tucked away from the busy Shoreditch High Street.

The restaurant has left quite mixed feelings amongst its clientele, you could check for yourself browsing the web, I think it is important to say that my experience so far has always been on the positive side.

With that being said, let's focus on the interior of the space (because the environment in London matters and I am an interior designer 💃🏻 )-cozy, beautifully decorated and warmly lit, Radio Alice Pizzeria offers a unique garden and a lovely tall ceiling diner. Typical for East London design more on the industrial side with some bits and bobs reminding us of Italy and Bologna, where the place finds its roots.

I can not skip the tall yellow framed windows which are an absolute showstopper and an eye-catching detail-letting light in, and further brightening up the 'happy' interior. A cheerful mural adds that special artistic touch and a tad of Instagram glamour, while a charming 'Radio Alice' sign complements the branding.

The name, incidentally, comes from a 1970s Bologna pirate radio station whose remit was the radical and avant-garde. I guess this place just has to be a little bit controversial, perhaps it is all part of its 'culinary performance'.

Proud to say, I've visited four or five times already and every time bringing different friends of mine of completely different backgrounds, including my mum. Everyone has left a little bit in a need of a nap, fully satisfied and still feeling quite light. If you, however, can not finish your plate, just ask for your pizza leftovers to be wrapped up to takeaway. That way you can enjoy the deliciousness with your next meal, (or perhaps an hour later while still travelling back home on the 243 bus, heading to Wood Green...). Cold pizza tastes just as good!

So if orange chilli oil is your thing, and organic stoneground flour, wild yeast sourdough and seasonal ingredients sounds surprisingly unpretentious and more than exciting to you, bring your positive attitude, an open mind and hungry stomach for a truly delicious experience. You will not regret visiting Radio Alice's Hoxton branch. Who knows perhaps it will become one of your top three too. I highly recommend the Aubergine ( with tomatoes, mozzarella, smoked ricotta and basil-walnut pesto) for the vegetarian ones of you, or the Prosciutto ( with burrata, mozzarella and orange oil) for the meat lovers!


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