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  • Alexandra Venkova

Inspire and Be Inspired-The Home

Recently i read an interview with the talented Frida Escobedo, where she was talking about the recent architectural boom in Mexico, her own creative work and how her own personal space has to reflect her own self. And I started thinking... it is complicated designing for a client, without knowing the client first, which means designing for your own self, you'd better know really well who you are, what you want to reflect in your space and how you want to live your life.

Some of us want spacious living spaces, others smaller and cosier ones. Some dream of open plan kitchens where they can have conversations, interact and prepare meals with friends and family, others don't cook at all and would much rather possess of a bigger closet.

I've realised that I would like to be able to move around freely and undisturbed by objects and pointy corners, partly because of my clumsiness. I also lose interest and bore myself with stuff quite easily, which means I would like to be able to move around things and create new spaces within a space, as often as possible. And I like plants...

Today I give you a little insight of my personal interior design taste and what I would like my future home to look like. Of course as mentioned previously my preferences change, but they are always one way or the other driven in the same direction-eclectic, eccentric, playful and quirky, industrial at times, neutral and natural.

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