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Inspire and Be Inspired-London Greens

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Anyone that has been on my Instagram feed lately will know that I am obsessed with plants. Or it is simply, I attract places with plants and urban gardens..., or everyone else is obsessed with plants and this is a really serious trend right now! Or... probably all of the above.

They are so beautiful, so dreamy, so inspirational, that I had to do a short blog post and share a few of my favourite flower shops that I have discovered in London.

Conservatory Archives

493-495 Hackney Road, London E2 9ED

Conservatory Archives offers a truly jungle experience. Well I have never been to a jungle but I guess this is as close to the real thing as you can get in the urban setting of Hackney. A faerie mix of plants from roof lifting palms to tiny succulants are housed within an eclectic vintage space. Formerly the building has been a home to the oldest ironmongers in London. The glazed facade gives the perfect amount of sunlight, creating a true conservatory or greenhouse feel. Once inside, you are diving into to the magical urban jungle of all sorts of rare and wonderful plants. Make sure your arms are free in order for you to navigate between giant leaves and blossoms.

Dovers Flowers

23 Churton St, Pimlico, London SW1V 2LY

Dovers Flowers has been around since the roaring 20`s. Quite romantic if you ask me? Another very atmospheric shop with its own special homy feel. Dovers is a modern florist in every sense of the word, they do however are very proud of their heritage, which can be seen in their interior space and the little victorian inspired accessories, pots and cards they sell. Authentic British!

West Six Garden Centre

17 Ravenscourt Avenue, London W6 0SL

Their motto-For the love of Gardening!

A delightful Garden Centre at the south end of Ravenscourt Park with a great selection of plants, seeds, garden ornaments and outdoor furniture, all beautifully arranged, perfect for instagram photoshoots... They also have a unique coffee shop with homemade food and cakes. The concept is also quite clever, in order to get to the cafe, one has to go through the whole garden... i couldn't resist here and got myself a little succelent, which is now called Larry (please don't judge me, my plants are my children).

Petersham Nurseries

Floral Court, London, WC2E 9FB

Last but by no means least-Petersham Nurseries. A little bit of glamour never killed nobody! Or may be it did... But this place just has to be mentioned in this selection and is a must visit. Petersham Nurseries brings the garden back to Covent Garden. A flawless, sophisticated and very elegant take on a flower/plant shop and cafe, which happens to be a refined, a la carte restaurant. Impressed or confused? Definitely not your regular flower shop, but an extravagant performance of one, still shiny, inviting and beautiful!


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