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Coffee o'clock-London Hotels a.k.a Excellent Work Spots

Oh Hi! Didn't see you there! Was just sitting here in my comfy chair, sipping my delicious cup of coffee catching up on some old blog posts! It is easy to get carried away when you find an excellent work spot, where you can sit comfortably for hours with a laptop in your, well... lap. Undisturbed and in absolute peace with your environment... ah indeed!

But wait, sadly this is not always the case in London... The ever-buzzing city is filled with 'computer-friendly' and cosy cafes, but they are usually packed with people, often the internet connection is so poor and there are no plugs to be found anywhere near the coffee tables. In these cases, hotel lobbies and cafes/receptions come to place! Today I give you my top three favourite coffee o'clock spots-hotel style. These do get busy, but if you are lucky (or early enough, for that matter) you can find an excellent seat from where you can dive right into your mailbox or whatever work activity you are up to.

Let's start with my absolute favourite and preferred option!

The Green Rooms

13-27 Station Rd, Wood Green, London N22 6UW

I simply looove The Green Rooms! It is fair to say that I visited quite a few times and consider myself a regular customer ( I mean the bartender did remember my usual order-that must mean something, right?). If you happen to be anywhere near Wood Green Station and need a change of scenery or a little bit of a break from the hectic shopping high street, you must consider The Green Rooms. Being a London's arts hotel, the place is a social enterprise set in a beautiful building, with a comfortable interior that definitely inspires creativity.

The artwork in the interior changes throughout the year and is available to purchase. There are some really good pieces and at an actually good price. The interior is welcoming and inviting, encouraging you to relax in your comfy chair and stay for a little longer. Plus if you get hungry, you are provided with an excellent choice of Asian cuisine by pop up restaurant Oita Kitchen. Hurry up, they will be serving delicious meals until March only!

They also have an exceptional breakfast menu, so if you are up for an early productive start of the day... well you are all sorted!

aaand on to the next...

The Hoxton Holborn

199-206 High Holborn, Holborn, London WC1V 7BD, United Kingdom

Compared to the Green Rooms, The Hoxton is often much busier ( I blame it on the area, a stone’s throw from Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Bloomsbury and Farringdon), HOWEVER, once inside the hotel and seated, you will be treated like a VIP by the pleasant staff! The space is large and open plan, very cosy and serves splendid coffee. Now you can stay here for hours. Put on those headphones, or don't if background noise is your thing and feel free to embrace the comfort (and that same mailbox, or whatever activity you need to catch up on.) 

The whole atmosphere is even more perfect on a rainy day when you can overlook the passing by strangers and the picturesque London scenery from the delightful lobby of the famous Hoxton Hotel!


Ace Hotel

100 Shoreditch High St, Hackney, London E1 6JQ, United Kingdom

And where would I be without the Ace Hotel? I first visited during my Free Range Exhibition back in 2016... I think... and immediately fell in love with the space and its cool 'American-ish' vibe! (It is part of an American hotel chain, which is all about creating a small, cosy and inviting environment for their guests ) Located in Shoreditch I think explains it all, but let me confirm-the space is modern, quirky, creative, chilled yet stylish and sophisticated. 

And now that we all know the limit of my descriptive vocabulary (see the previous sentence) let me just add that the hotel offers great coffee, it is almost always busy. It is always busy! But if you wake up early and head over there... early, you might find a good seat by the window or close to a plug, amongst other creatives (beware of the good looking freshly groomed hipsters) and then spend the rest of the day undisturbed.

Just give it a go and may the force be with you!


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