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Coffee o'clock-Stockholm vol. 1

I honestly, can not believe it has been a year since I visited Stockholm for the first time. I swear it feels like it was yesterday. Naturally it is about time I start sharing about my experience there. (one year is an okay amount of time to be lazy, right?) First and most important "Coffee". In my head the word appears with this signature angelic sound. And this shouldn't surprise you. I am one of those coffee fanatics. I can't start my day without my morning cup of bitter goodness and if I do, I advice you to stay away. I know it sounds like a massive 'cliche', but well, it is what it is, let's not argue with Mother Nature (my mother nature in that case). I am determined to become a pro at coffee, to understand better the different sorts and ways of preparing it. I've read a few books and I even worked on a project related to coffee, where I researched on the bad side of it's production. So, you see, it is a genuine, true coffee-love relationship happening here. But let's get back to the topic now.

I visited Stockholm mainly for Stockholm Design Week, it was a blessing. And because of the busy schedule I obviously needed fuel and guess what, apart from an 'inadvisable' amount of sweets and cinnamon buns, I've had a lot of coffee (I'm sure you guessed it, I'm just teasing you...).Luckily Stockholm has these beautiful sophisticated coffee shops in abundance. The interiors are truly inspirational, and the staff, so friendly, so smiley and ready to explain and talk to anyone that shows a slight interest in coffee.

So here it is my list of top places to check out. If you happen to travel to Sweden, and precisely Stockholm soon, make sure you visit these places. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Even after a year they are still stuck in my head, so that should mean something, right. I on the other hand, will continue dreaming about them.


Skånegatan 79, Stockholm

Located in Bohemian SoFo, a sweet cosy coffee shop, that makes you feel like, you are sitting in an old-fashioned reading room. The number of patterns, the comfortable soft furniture and the selection of home baked goodies contribute to the relaxing atmosphere. But have one thing in mind! This is a popular place that gets busy during lunch time, so if you would like to appreciate the armchairs, you better be there early. For the rest of us there's a beautiful bar table by the window, with soft light and marble top, from where you can observe the street and the people passing by (which is yet another very pleasent experience if you ask me).

Drop Coffee

Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10 118 50 Stockholm

If I have to be completely honest, before my trip to Sweden I researched on good coffee places, I think a lot of you do that as well. Drop Coffee was one of those places, which was recommended a lot throughout social media. The bar was set high. And although at first glance, walking in the space, both me and my friend thought that something was missing, when we first tried our coffees we agreed that everything is there. The whole interior is in perfect balance and the coffee is the final touch, the top of the iceberg, the missing piece of the puzzle. "All coffee served is both organic and fair-trade and also roasted in their own award-winning roastery. Two-time winner of Barista Cup." You see the emphasis is on the coffee, the rest is just a compliment.

Vette Katten

Kungsgatan 55, Stockholm

A traditional bakery, located in the heart of Stockholm. You can find sample traditional Swedish pastries (like Semla, the photo bellow) and you can drink as much coffee as you wish if you order the filtered coffee. The place is buzy and buzzing with all sorts of sounds, but all of these bring you back in time, where places like this were for socialising, for spending quality time with lovely people, while enjoyong a sweet treat.

Snickarbacken 7

Kungsgatan 55, Stockholm

Snickarbacken is a true hidden gem. Entering the place you are welcomed by an upside down hanging tree and a large neon sign. You are now in a café, art gallery and concept store all in one space. Take your morning coffee while, shopping goods in the pretty concept store or have your breakfast (I recommend the porridge with apple kompot) while touring the gallery.

Pom & flora

Bondegatan 64, Stockholm

A cute, little corner coffee shop. The café serves up both beautiful interior and a menu worth returning for - whether you´re up for breakfast or lunch. Looking for a moment of peace and cozyness, this is your place.


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