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Coffee O'clock-Moscow

What time is it? It's coffee time!( a bit too excited here...) This week I give you Moscow and my favourite coffee shops there. They were real saviours, while exploring the city in the cold weather. I've spent a number of hours walking around, photographing, exploring, I did get lost a few times, obviously, and the coffee was what kept me going (as well as sweets, chocolates and ice cream, but that's for another post). In the next few lines I will share with you the rare happy moments when I sipped my hot coffee, hoping for my fingers, face, eyes, feet and everything else to defrrreeze. It was magical!

Cafe "Les"

Zubovskiy Boulevard 2, Moscow, Russia, 119034

Cafe 'Les' turned out to be my favourite coffee place in Moscow. Lovely staff, great coffee, quiet, peaceful environment and homy interior. The chain has a few cafes around the city, this one however is located just around the corner of Moscow Museum. One can feel the artistic atmosphere flowing through the space. Customers are invited to grab and read a book or magazine while drinking their coffees, or have a small chat, discussing the art exhibitions displayed on the cafe walls. Another 'attraction' is the beautiful green back garden, which sadly I didn't get to see (because of the weather), but I am sure it is a truly delightful place to spend your warm summer afternoons.

Hygge coffeehouse "rosette and coffee"

Pokrovka Street 17, Moscow, Russia, 101000

The first coffee shop I visited in Moscow, I didn't know what to expect and was impressed. The coffeeshop itself is quite small, but really cozy (expect true 'hygge' experience). It tends to get busy, though. If you don't happen to have much time to wait for a table, get a coffee to go. It comes in this pretty little cup, reading 'sunshine from within'. The coffee is exceptional, I personally recommend the flat white. The perfect cup of warmth to save you from the severe Russian weather.

Yumbaker Cafe

2 Zvenigorodskaya Street, 12c70, Moscow, Russia, 123100

Yumbaker, with so many yummy things to offer, including a magical teddy bear hot chocolate, which they prepare in house. A real treat for everyone that loves chocolate. Sadly I didn't take a photo of it, but i hope to intrigue you, so you visit the place and order it, next time you are in Moscow. Oh and their desserts... their cakes are what dreams are made of. Seriously check this place out!

Breakfast Cafe

Malaya Nikitskaya Street 2/1, Moscow, Russia, 121069

If you feel fancy or may be a bit under the weather, then you have to treat yourself to some pancakes and heavenly good flavoured coffee. My cousin showed me this place, and this for me was like showing me the way to Narnia. These delicious desserts are a total diabetes bomb, but sure will brighten your day. One thing to keep in mind, portions are huge and require a good effort to finish, especially when you get a sweet, sweet latte to go with your order.

David B. Cafe

Bol'shoy Palashevskiy Pereulok, 8, Moscow, Russia, 123104

This coffee shop I simply love! The area around it is so beautiful, with lots of designer shops and concept stores. The cafe itself doesn't strike you like anything that special from the outside, but once you're inside... It's so cozy and welcoming. The atmosphere is super chilled and bohemian. Enjoy a cup of good coffee, a freshly baked croissant and good music in the company of David Bowie.

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