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A Pinch of Zen

The date today-16th of January 2017 or also known as Blue Monday or the most depressing day of the year. Not scientifically proven, but according to some research and psychiatric observation this day is just straight layers of misery. The horrible weather, the lack of excitement for any significant holidays in the next few months, the broken bank account after all the Christmas shopping and the failure of fulfilling most of our New Year’s resolutions. All of this contributes to lack of motivation and feelings of sadness and hopelessness. So curl under the blanket with a giant chocolate and a cup of herbal goodness and hide from the world…

WOW... what a great way to start a blog post. Well… I’ve never really understood why people chose to focus so much on negativity and even come up with a day, ‘celebrating’ all of these bad emotions. May be it's my optimistic and positive Sagittarius nature or my rebellion against the negativity, but this is the reason why I chose exactly Blue Monday as the right time to make something positive for myself. I have always wanted to create a blog in which I could share my thoughts, put them down and may be understand them a tiny bit better after having them written before me. Also it was one of my New Year resolutions to start living and doing the things I actually like and enjoy, to force myself to fulfil my goals and desires, to take chances, to speak up and kill this annoying procrastinating little creature living inside me.

I am sure that I am not the only one in the world that has all these ideas in their head and wants to do all these exciting projects, but just sits there and does nothing or simply says “meh… maybe later..." I have decided that now is the time to work on my dreams... there's no time for "later",so yeah, here it is... a blog.

I have created this page, where I will share everything that affects me in some way, everything inspirational, and inspiration is everywhere, beauty is everywhere and I am ready to look for it.

I would love this blog to be a place for peace and calmness. Place where ideas are born and raised. I am hoping to share some of my favourite places that I visit, some of the best cooking experiments that I do on a daily basis and add a little bit of my positivity and a pinch of zen to someone else's life.

So, stay tuned, make yourself comfortable, light up some candles, brew a cup of coffee and I'll see you soon!

Alex xoxo


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