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Coventry, UK | Interior Design​

​VR Gaming Studio hAPPtics

Studio hAPPtics is a Vir tual Reality App developers studio. An independent company that develops its own products, but also develops for bigger companies and clients. The team consists of 8 young creative individuals: 

Project Manager 1 Game Designer 2 Animator 1
Game Artist 1 Technical Artist 2 Audio Engineer 1 

The studio is looking to expand in the near future and/or provide internships for University students.


Brand Identity

What does happtics mean? What does it stand for?

The word haptics is a term in Virtual Reality. It is best described as the feeling in virtual reality where it seems like you are actually reaching out and touching or feeling something in the scene.That is haptics. While what you see seems like it is at the tips of your fingertips, it is all an illusion. 

App, short for Smart Phone Application. 

Capital letters for the word APP to emphasise that the studio is focused on developing app-s for smart phones. 

Combined together the name of the studio is hAPPtics. 

Having the meaning of the word ‘haptics’, we concluded that it is directly related to the tactile sense, therefore our logo represents a fingerprint as a symbol of touch. The logo consists of 8 colours, one for every member of the team. Also the team is formed by young, creative joyful individuals, happy to experiment and always ready to look for the new. So it seemed fair to think colourful with this one. 


The studio wants their office to be in a centred location, close to other creatives, close to shops and public spaces. Easy access for drivers and pedestrians.Their office must reflect their identity in its interior as it will attract new potential clients. 


After reasearching on the game design industry, we noticed that in the UK, it is mainly based in the West Midlands 39%, followed by Scotland 19% and London 14%. 

Keeping in mind one of Studio’s hAPPtics requirements, to be placed close to a big university, we decided to locate their of ce in the city centre of Coventry. Coventry University, voted modern university of the year a few years in a row, is a home to a number of highly quali ed students. It is also growing and expanding every year. The building we chose is an old house, situated just outside Coventry Ring Road, with its own car park and easy access for pedestrians. 

The building has a good sun orientation, providing good amount of daylight in its interior spaces. The gaming studio will be sharing the premises with other independent offices. 

Design Proposal


Reception without receptionist, interactive wall, easy access to facilities, intercom. 

Beta tester’s room, close to exit and facilities, as they shouldn’t be communicating with anyone working in the studio. 

Conference room,brainstorming area,kitchenette, resting space and private booths (sound isolated). 

Maximum use of sunlight and ceiling height. 

Sound proof materials for better acoustics- reducing noise. 

All the employees are based on the First oor, that way clients don’t ‘spy’ on company’s private work. 


Photography/Video Studio; Art Studio; Audio Studio; Private of ce space for programmers. Open plan designer’s space 

Designers together with managers- at hierarchy. Sitting and stand up desk-sitting for long hours is not healthy.
Maximum use of sunlight. Employees are encouraged to take the stairs and move around the space, take walks, etc.

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